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Are Electric Vehicles A Viable Option As Company Cars?

25th August 2015

The UK is seeing a massive increase in the sales of Electric Vehicles, but is it a viable option for company cars & vans? Sales of Electric Vehicles have increased a massive 366% year-on-year according to The Department Of Transport. The technology behind Electric Vehicles has really advanced over the last few years too hence them being taken […]

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Do I Need Telematics For My Company Car Drivers?

30th July 2015

  We’re sure you’ve heard the hype about Telematics but have you any idea what it is or if you need it for your company car drivers or commercial vehicles? What is Telematics? In simple terms, it’s a small box that you have fitted to your company cars or other vehicles to enable you to […]

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Are Your Company Car Drivers Using Mobile Phones While Driving?

22nd June 2015

According to the HSE more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work and may be driving a company car or other vehicle and there’s a high risk that they are using their mobile phone. Whilst your employees are ‘clocked on’ no matter where they are, […]

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Are Your Company Car Drivers Safe?

4th June 2015

If you are involved in the organising or management of company cars, then for the safety of your employees you need to consider the implications of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS) which are conditions that affect 5% of the population. Unfortunately they often go undiagnosed which can be a real danger to […]

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Why Flexible Car Rentals Are A Good Option For Businesses

13th May 2015

  As we all know, businesses are very reluctant to take risks these days, which means that a lot of companies employ their workforce on a more flexible basis in order to fulfill new projects as they arise. As a result of this, flexible car rentals and van hire is becoming increasingly popular, and you […]

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Businesses With Company Cars Given Early Access To DVLA Online Checking System

13th March 2015

We have been reading this week that businesses with Company Cars will be given early access to the new DVLA online checking system. The old paper licence will be withdrawn from 8th June 2015 and employers will be given access 1 month prior to this in the hope that it will make the transition easier […]

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Company Car Fuel Costs – How Lower Fuel Prices Are Helping Businesses

26th February 2015

We have recently been looking at how lower company car fuel costs are helping businesses and thought we would put together a blog on the subject. Who remembers the fuel strike back in 2000? 15 years ago…we remember it like it was yesterday! It had a massive impact on company car drivers and individuals alike. And it […]

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2015 Predictions In The UK Vehicle Rental & Leasing Market

9th February 2015

We are already into February and here at Company Car Rentals we’ve had a great start to 2015. Which got us thinking about what 2015 could bring for the UK vehicle rental & leasing market. Following a strong 2014, the trade body for the UK vehicle rental & leasing industry expects continued growth in almost […]

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