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Businesses With Company Cars Given Early Access To DVLA Online Checking System

13th March 2015

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We have been reading this week that businesses with Company Cars will be given early access to the new DVLA online checking system. The old paper licence will be withdrawn from 8th June 2015 and employers will be given access 1 month prior to this in the hope that it will make the transition easier for businesses with Company Cars. The new system gives the driving licence holder control of their information and who they share it with.

DVLA programme manager Dudley Ashford said: “What we’re really trying to do is provide the opportunity for users to be well-versed in this new service, to understand how it’s going to impact their day-to-day operations and to provide any feedback on how we can enhance the service to make it an easier transition.”

How The New System Will Work

  • – Driving licence holder generates a unique, one-time access code by logging onto the new online driving licence service.


  • – Driving licence holder can then share their code along with the last 8 digits of their driving licence with anyone including the business who supplies their company car.


  • – Code along with the last 8 digits of the driving licence can be entered on the new online platform which means that third parties can see all the relevant information such as endorsements, licence status etc.


  • – A PDF can be downloaded which includes a date & time stamp to show what the driving licence status was at the time of request.


  • – Driving licence holders can also download a PDF which includes all their licence information.


Yes all this sounds nice and easy and we think that once the systems are in place and everyone knows how to use it, then it will work well for company car hire businesses & company car fleet managers etc. It will certainly make things easier if someone has forgotten their driving licence & businesses like ours who provide individual car hire & company car hire will have peace of mind that all the information is up to date and accurate especially as courts will be updating driver records within 24 hours.

However, like with all new systems and procedures we expect there will be teething problems. It might take longer to process a booking and we anticipate longer queues at places such as airport rental desks but overall we think it will help streamline the process to make hiring a car a much easier process.

For more information visit the DVLA website and the BVRLA have uploaded a really useful document for businesses with company cars – Abolition of the Counterpart Stakeholder & commercial customer briefing pack

If you need any advice about the best options when it comes to company car hire or company car leasing then please give one of our team a call on 0113 2512051.


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