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Do I Need Telematics For My Company Car Drivers?

30th July 2015


We’re sure you’ve heard the hype about Telematics but have you any idea what it is or if you need it for your company car drivers or commercial vehicles?

What is Telematics?

In simple terms, it’s a small box that you have fitted to your company cars or other vehicles to enable you to track how they are being driven and where they are. It is being increasingly used in the fleet industry especially as it can help to reduce fleet costs.



What information can be obtained from the Telematics box about our company car drivers?

  • What time of day or night they are driving
  • The speeds they are driving at
  • The kind of roads they are driving on
  • The kind of driving style they have i.e if they brake or accelerate sharply
  • If they take breaks on long journeys
  • Their motorway miles
  • Their total mileage
  • The total number of journeys they make.

And much more depending on the provider.

Why should we use Telematics for our commercial vehicles?

  • To ensure your drivers are driving safely & keeping within the law and company car driver policies
  • For managing fuel costs
  • To manage & control vehicle health management which can reduce downtime of vehicles
  • To access real time fleet & driver behaviour
  • For additional safety measures – the box can identify where you are if you break down, have an accident or if the vehicle has been stolen
  • To identify operational inefficiencies
  • For promoting greener driving
  • If your drivers are driving safely it can have an affect on insurance premiums


All of these reasons inevitably reduce costs.


There are many different types of Telematic boxes on the market through many different providers and there is plenty of information out there to assist you with your decision. Here are a couple of helpful links:


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