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Pokémon Go When Driving…Time To Review Your Company Car Policy?

27th July 2016


If you haven’t heard these two little words in the last couple of weeks, we’re not sure where you’ve been…Pokémon Go has taken the UK by storm and as crazy as it might sound, maybe you need to review your company car policy to make sure none of your company car drivers are using Pokémon Go when driving.

Pokemon Go When Driving

If you don’t understand how Pokémon Go works here’s a little overview:

Pokémon Go allows you to travel between the real and virtual world through iPhone or Android devices. You basically have to find and catch over a hundred species of Pokémon by exploring real-world locations. It is mapped through Google Maps. When travelling around your smartphone vibrates to notify you that you are near a Pokémon. You then have to catch it….sounds simple but they can run away!  If you’ve seen loads of people walking around looking at their phones, this is what they are probably doing!

So yes, it’s distracting and we are sure you can see why you might want to make sure your company car drivers are aware of the dangers and implications of using Pokémon Go when driving!

Sure it falls under careless driving or driving without due care and attention but it seems this phenomenon is slightly addictive and people might not even realise that they are doing anything wrong by using Pokémon Go while driving.

It might not of crossed your mind that your company car drivers could be using Pokémon Go when driving but early research has indicated that 40% of adults that have downloaded the Pokémon Go App are over the age of 25!  It’s hardly surprising thought as that’s the demographic that were hooked on the original Pokémon back in the day.

The RAC is urging motorists to remain vigilant and not play the game when driving while also keeping an eye out for Poké-playing pedestrians. 

Using Pokémon Go while driving has already caused at least one accident in the US 

So if you have a number of staff using company cars or vans it’s maybe a good opportunity to re-iterate your company car policy. You could even use the Pokémon Go subject to get their attention as we’re sure they would be curious to receive an email or be called to a meeting with Pokémon Go as the title!


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