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What’s The Most Popular Company Car Models?

29th January 2016

We get asked for all kinds of different company car models, from the lower end of the scale to the higher end, so we thought we would have a look a what some of the most popular choices of company car models are here in the UK. This information is based on searches from What Car? readers.

BMW 3 Series

Here’s 5 Of The Most Popular Company Car Models In The UK…

BMW 3 Series

Apparently this is the most searched for car and we think the main factors are that it has the prestige BMW label, outstanding performance and it has a fuel efficient engine. For businesses that want to create the right image but without high running costs, the BMW 3 series would seem an excellent choice.

Tax Band : B – K
Fuel – Per 100 Miles: £8 – £15
CO2 Emissions: 109 – 204 g/km


Audi A3

The Audi A3 might come as no surprise to you that it’s another very popular choice of company cars. Like the BMW, Audi’s also hold a level of kudos and are known for their reliability and comfort as well as the fact they often have high resale values. The A3 also rates as one of the best premium hatchbacks about.

The Diesel engine 1.6 ( 108bhp) emits just 99g/km of CO2, which is an attraction when looking at low company car tax bills.

Tax Band : A – G
Fuel – Per 100 Miles: £6 – £12
CO2 Emissions: 89 – 162 g/km


Volkswagen Golf

Some may say that the Volkswagen Golf is a safe bet. We would certainly agree. Company car drivers need a reliable car and the Golf is just that. It’s comfortable and enjoyable to drive but has the style and class too. Again the resale value is high and it ticks the box in terms of fuel economy but doesn’t suffer on performance! The most searched for Golf model is the 2.0 TDI 184 GTD. 

Tax Band : A – E
Fuel – Per 100 Miles: £3 – £12
CO2 Emissions: 112 g/km (2.0 TDI Model)


Audi A4

Not surprisingly, the A4 is another model from the Audi range that is a much sought after company car. It has everything the A3 has but it’s bigger and more spacious!

Tax Band : B – I
Fuel – Per 100 Miles: £8 – £13
CO2 Emissions: 109 -178 g/km

Ford Mondeo

A company car list wouldn’t be complete without the Ford Mondeo! This really is a trusty option and that’s why they are often chosen as a company car.  They might not be the most stylish, but they are spacious, comfortable and good to drive.  From a fuel economy point of view they aren’t a bad option either!

Tax Band : A – H
Fuel – Per 100 Miles: £7 – £13
CO2 Emissions: 94 -169 g/km

We have to agree that these company car models are favourites amongst our customers, but we often get asked for some of the lesser popular makes and models too.  Like most things, it comes down to personal choice and budgets which is why we have access to over 250,000 vehicles across the UK.


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