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What’s Your Company Car Driving Policy?

14th March 2016

When did you last review your Company Car Driving Policy? Not sure? Well maybe now’s the time!

Did you know that a million ‘older’ drivers refuse to admit they are a danger behind the wheel according to The Independent? Yes this applies to the over 65’s but these days it’s a well known fact that people are retiring later than the old UK default retirement age. Infact people can now retire when they want to so if you have employees like this that are still driving company cars maybe you need to have a look at your Company Car Driving Policy to keep it updated so that you and your staff are protected, safe and legal.

What Are The Legal Implications?

There are fines up to £1000 for any driver that doesn’t declare any medical conditions that would prohibit them from driving.

This of course isn’t limited to to the over 65’s but according to Direct Line almost three in ten older drivers have medical related issues that need to be disclosed to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). These issues include things such as visual impairments, diabetes, heart conditions and epilepsy.

But only 49% of these drivers declare their conditions, according to the survey by Direct Line and drivers say they do not believe their condition will affect their driving.

So How Is This Relevant To The Company Car Driving Policy?

Well, for a start you have an obligation to keep your staff safe and we are sure that you want to keep them legal for their own good and the businesses’.  From our point of view there is a need to educate drivers to understand what and when they need to declare medical conditions and the dangers of not doing so, but there is also a part to play from businesses and we believe this can be achieved through the Company Car Driving Policy.

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