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8 Top Tips For More Economic Driving For Your Company Cars And Vans

1st December 2015

Could your employees benefit from a reminder about economic driving?

Company cars, vans or other vehicles are an expensive but necessary need for many businesses. Other related costs such as fuel and insurance are something that businesses find hard to reduce, but simple things like driving with more care and attention can really have an effect on the fuel economy of a company car (or other vehicle).

economic driving

We’ve put together a few economic driving tips for your company car and van drivers:

  • Drive at the slowest speed but highest gear

It might seem obvious but adapting this theory will have a real affect on your MPG.

  • Stay calm – don’t rev the engine!

We all get a little carried away at times but revving the engine just wastes fuel.

  • Gentle on the brakes

We’re not saying don’t use the breaks but by reading the road, traffic etc you can use them much more effectively than just slamming them on at the last minute.

  • Drive in the right gear

Driving methods and technology has changed over the years and often drivers don’t adapt as necessary. For example many cars now have a 6th gear which can help with fuel economy (obviously if you use it in the right way!). Make sure you are driving in the right gear, the engine will be sure to tell you if you aren’t!

  • Don’t carry everything but the kitchen sink in the boot!

Understandably company car and van drivers may have equipment that they need to travel around with but keeping extra baggage to a minimum can have a big impact on the amount of fuel used. According the RAC On average, every 50kg will increase your fuel consumption by 2%.

  • Check your tyre pressures regularly

By driving with the right amount of pressure in your tyres will help your company car to perform at an optimum MPG

  • Stick to the speed limits

Speed limits are in place from a safety point of view but by sticking to them won’t only keep you within the law but you won’t use a load of fuel by driving that few extra miles per hour!

  • Keep up to date with maintenance

Regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure your company cars and vans are running well and help to keep them economical. These checks such as services will also help to prevent any costly repairs due to neglect.

There are many more ways you can ensure your company car and van drivers understand about economical driving and these websites have more advice –

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