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Consumer Behaviour Changes in the Car Rental Industry

28th April 2014

Company car rentals have noticed a change in the type of cars that have been hired over the past 12 month e.g. Medium size cars such as Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra 1.6 or similar cars are among the favourite when it comes to consumer car rental choice.

This is because they are lower in cost than the larger more executive vehicles, but are still spacious, comfortable to drive and economical with fuel and cover most scenarios and requirements including family outings, business trips and also one way hires from one destination to another. 

The Car Rental Industry

It’s not just Company Car Rentals that are experiencing consumer changes in terms of their preference. Recently, chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Enterprise Holdings spoke at the annual car rental conference, suggesting that consumer needs within the industry are changing due to increasing consumer expectations.

Going Greener

One of the major aspects over the past decade in terms of consumer attitude changes is in conjunction with the shift in attitudes towards having a greener environment. It was only back in the 2000’s when people started to talk about and take the environment issues seriously and in turn meant that many people adapted changes into many aspects of their everyday lives for example, installing solar panels on the roof of their home and the introduction of hybrid cars due to the demand for being greener becoming apparent to car manufacturers.

The Government

Additionally the Government was at that time was providing businesses and homeowners with ‘green’ incentives, and in which case are still pushing for people to go ‘greener’ using a variety of methods; travelling to work on a bicycle, driving a hybrid car, insulating homes etc.

Technology Has Played A Part

It’s not only circumstances and incentives that change our attitudes, there are many other factors including the advancements of technology. Impacts of technological advancements can often be underestimated, but it changes and impacts on our everyday lives in more ways than one.

Also, the amounts of information now available thanks to the Internet, means that people are able to review and compare cars and car rental services much easier and more readily. Because of this, companies now have to be on their toes when it comes to the service that they provide and the quality of product. Did I mention the need for being competitively priced? It’s so much easier to compare prices of services, which is why companies must be as competitive as they can.


Blog written by Karen Redman