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One Way Car Hire Brought to You by Company Car Rentals

28th March 2014

Company Car Rentals have received numerous requests from customers for one way car hire, during March. This is mainly because of the new registrations and our customers i.e. car and commercial dealerships across the UK regularly require one way car hire to be delivered to their chosen location. The one way car hire vehicle is then collected by us from their dealership or wherever the customer wished it to be collected from.

One Way Car Hire Popularity

The popularity for one way car hire has increased considerably over the past decade.

The reason that one way car hire has become more popular among drivers is because it’s cheaper and much quicker than travelling back to their preferred location by train or other modes of public transport.

It also saves on down time, so everyone’s a winner!

What We Offer

Company Car Rentals have been providing one way car hire for the past 20 years. The expertise and knowledge in terms of what customers want and expect, has given us a great reputation among customers.

One thing we can be extremely proud of is the level of service we provide our customers as we react very quickly to our clients requests; we aim to get a vehicle delivered within 2 hours.

Our customers have come to rely on us as it forms an intrinsic part of their service too.

One way van hire is also a popular service that we provide. Most of our one way van hire customers are moving home and therefore, require van hire.

We provide one way car hire from as little as £55

It doesn’t matter how far they are travelling to, we deliver the van to them and collect it from their new home, therefore taking away some of the stress associated with moving home.

One way van hire, costs from as little as £60


Blog written by Karen Redman