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5 Top Tips For Renting A Car Or Van For Your Business

3rd June 2016

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, small or large it’s inevitable at some point you will need to look at renting a car or van as part of a long term or short term solution. There’s so many things to consider so we’ve put together a few little tips to help you to […]

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Will The Diesel Scrappage Scheme Be Reintroduced?

18th April 2016

There has been a lot of talk again recently about the reintroduction of a Diesel Scrappage Scheme due to the performance of diesel engines when it comes to air pollution. We’re sure that within your business you will have many vehicles which run on diesel, after all it has been the fuel of choice for […]

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What’s Your Company Car Driving Policy?

14th March 2016

When did you last review your Company Car Driving Policy? Not sure? Well maybe now’s the time! Did you know that a million ‘older’ drivers refuse to admit they are a danger behind the wheel according to The Independent? Yes this applies to the over 65’s but these days it’s a well known fact that people are retiring […]

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What’s The Most Popular Company Car Models?

29th January 2016

We get asked for all kinds of different company car models, from the lower end of the scale to the higher end, so we thought we would have a look a what some of the most popular choices of company car models are here in the UK. This information is based on searches from What Car? readers. […]

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8 Top Tips For More Economic Driving For Your Company Cars And Vans

1st December 2015

Could your employees benefit from a reminder about economic driving? Company cars, vans or other vehicles are an expensive but necessary need for many businesses. Other related costs such as fuel and insurance are something that businesses find hard to reduce, but simple things like driving with more care and attention can really have an […]

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Are Your Company Car Drivers Telling The Truth About Their Medical History?

18th September 2015

If you are a business that has company car, van or other vehicles deployed within the company, no doubt the tragic story of the bin lorry driver who failed to declare his medical history to his employers, Glasgow City Council, will be of interest to you. The driver didn’t state that he had an history […]

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Are Electric Vehicles A Viable Option As Company Cars?

25th August 2015

The UK is seeing a massive increase in the sales of Electric Vehicles, but is it a viable option for company cars & vans? Sales of Electric Vehicles have increased a massive 366% year-on-year according to The Department Of Transport. The technology behind Electric Vehicles has really advanced over the last few years too hence them being taken […]

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Do I Need Telematics For My Company Car Drivers?

30th July 2015

  We’re sure you’ve heard the hype about Telematics but have you any idea what it is or if you need it for your company car drivers or commercial vehicles? What is Telematics? In simple terms, it’s a small box that you have fitted to your company cars or other vehicles to enable you to […]

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Are Your Company Car Drivers Using Mobile Phones While Driving?

22nd June 2015

According to the HSE more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work and may be driving a company car or other vehicle and there’s a high risk that they are using their mobile phone. Whilst your employees are ‘clocked on’ no matter where they are, […]

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Are Your Company Car Drivers Safe?

4th June 2015

If you are involved in the organising or management of company cars, then for the safety of your employees you need to consider the implications of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS) which are conditions that affect 5% of the population. Unfortunately they often go undiagnosed which can be a real danger to […]

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