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Consumer Behaviour Changes in the Car Rental Industry

28th April 2014

Company car rentals have noticed a change in the type of cars that have been hired over the past 12 month e.g. Medium size cars such as Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra 1.6 or similar cars are among the favourite when it comes to consumer car rental choice. This is because they are lower in cost […]

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One Way Car Hire Brought to You by Company Car Rentals

28th March 2014

Company Car Rentals have received numerous requests from customers for one way car hire, during March. This is mainly because of the new registrations and our customers i.e. car and commercial dealerships across the UK regularly require one way car hire to be delivered to their chosen location. The one way car hire vehicle is […]

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Car Recalls

12th February 2014

The advancement of modern day technology would suggest that the car industry is or should be the best it has ever been in terms of quality of cars built. In recent news there has been car recalls made by top car manufacturers.

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Smoking Ban in Cars Carrying Children Highly Likely to be passed

10th February 2014

There is a split in the Conservative party over the smoking ban in cars that carry children. Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary is in favour of the ban proposals, whereas Chris Grayling the justice secretary is against the ban, creating conflict within the party. Due to the divide over the ban between the Tory and […]

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Long Term Car Rental Benefits

15th January 2014

There are more benefits for renting a car over the long term than you’d probably first realise, so we thought we’d share them with you:

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Why more companies are choosing flexible rentals for their drivers

23rd December 2013

Companies are now turning to flexible vehicle hire to increase their fleet and there are a number of great reasons why: No large capital outlay associated when buy and leasing vehicles They can just pay for the vehicle they want, when they want them

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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Flexible Car Hire Leeds

1st August 2013

Car Hire Leeds – from 1 – 12 months Whether for private or business use, our flexible car hire Leeds service offers all the flexibility of short term rentals but without the commitment of contract hire. Sometimes you know you will need a vehicle for a little longer but don’t want to necessarily go down […]

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The Benefits of Using a Car Rental Broker

28th May 2013

Car Rental Broker Solutions Using a Car Rental broker has so many benefits, especially for companies who require hire vehicles up and down the UK at regular intervals or at short notice. A car rental broker should be geared up to respond quickly to customer requirements. At Company Car Rentals we have access to over […]

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Long Term Car Rental – The Benefits of Flexi-Rent

15th March 2013

Flexi- rent is an alternative way of looking at your Car and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) requirements. Essentially, it fills the gap between short term rental and contract hire, providing a cost effective and flexible solution to changing vehicle requirements. Flexi- rent offers competitive rates for long term car rental and van hire based on […]

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